Tems of Delivery

Your products are supplied according to stock status when your order is approved and then submitted to the cargo. In order for your order to be approved, the products you have purchased must be paid by credit card. Approved orders will be submitted to the Cargo within 1-5 business days.

(Religious and public holidays are not included on business days.).

Documents to be submitted during delivery?

According to Information Technology and Communication Board's decision dated 27/12/2016 and numbered 2016 / DK-YED / 517 on the Procedures and Principles for Security Measures for Mailing.

As a requirement of the new rule, you must show your driver's license, ID card or passport when purchasing your products from the cargo officer or store personnel.

Is there a same day delivery service?

Same day delivery is not available currently.


What happens if the cargo can't find me at the delivery address?

Cargo company will deliver your order to the address you specified. If you do not receive your package from the branch within three days, your order will be returned to warehouse.



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