How do I pay?

You can pay by credit when shopping from our site.

Is it safe to pay on your website?

When shopping from our site, your credit card information is only encrypted by using 128bit SSL while the ordering process is performed, and it automatically reaches the bank where the payment transactions are made and authorization is taken. This certificate is used for secure credit card security worldwide.

Which credit cards can I pay with?

All Mastercard and Visa credit cards can be used for purchases made through American Express cards are not supported on our website.

How do I pay by credit card?

You will be asked for your credit card information on the payment screen, once you enter this information, it will be securely transmitted to your bank and payment confirmation will be received. Payments made by credit card are confirmed immediately.

I get an error on the payment screen, what should I do?

After entering and confirming your details on the payment screen, your credit card card transaction may not be approved for various reasons. In this case;

- Check that your card is open for internet shopping.

- Check that your card is available for use.

- Make sure the limit of your card is sufficient.

- Make sure that you have entered the required information about the card correctly.

- Check that the expiry date of your card is valid.

- If you are using a virtual card, make sure your limit is sufficient.

- In cases other than those mentioned above, please contact your bank for support.

Can I use points on my credit card when paying?

When you pay on our site, you can not pay with the points on your credit card.




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